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Dr Mirela Wagner is a Brisbane psychologist and a clinical psychologist Brisbane. If you are looking for psychologists in Brisbane or clinical psychologists in Brisbane, you can find a psychologist in Brisbane here. Search for psychologists Brisbane, clinical psychologists Brisbane, psychologists in Brisbane, clinical psychologists in Brisbane. We are open weekdays and evenings. Brisbane psychologists can help. Dr Mirela Wagner offers therapy and counselling in Brisbane city. Mirela provides brief therapy, long-term therapy, psychological assessments and supervision. If you are looking for psychologists in Brisbane, you will find a Brisbane psychologist on Wickham Terrace in Brisbane. Brisbane psychologists can help with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, self-esteem, and other emotional problems. Dr Mirela Wagner provides psychotherapy in Brisbane from an integrative model and combined psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and person centred approaches when working with people in Brisbane. Mirela is interested in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic therapy in Brisbane. She is a clinical supervisor and provides psychology supervision to psychologists in Brisbane and outside Brisbane over Skype. Find psychologists in Brisbane city.

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Mirela is trained in both brief and long-term therapies. Her main interest is in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, however, when needed she also works from an integrative model and combines mindfulness, cognitive-behavioural, and applied behavioural approaches. Mirela provides both time-limited and symptom-focused integrative treatment for people who wish to get better control of their symptoms and whose visits are covered solely by Medicare. She also provides long-term and insight-oriented psychoanalytic therapy for individuals wanting to achieve a deeper self-understanding.

Psychological concerns: Mirela is experienced working with adults suffering from a severe mental illness and those who have experienced complex trauma. She also regularly works with people experiencing concerns across the entire range of the spectrum of emotional and psychological functioning.

Mirela provides psychotherapy services for people with the following concerns (including but not limited to):

  1.         Anxiety

  2.         Fears and Phobias

  3.         Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  4.         Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  5.         Simple and Complex Trauma

  6.         Depression

  7.         Postnatal Depression

  8.         Anger Difficulties

  9.         Adjustment Disorder

  10.         Self-esteem Problems

  11.         Bullying

  12.         Grief and Loss

  13.         Interpersonal and Relationship Problems

  14.         Cultural and Migration Difficulties

  15.         Personality Disorders

  16.         Bipolar Disorder

  17.         Schizophrenia and other Psychoses

Mirela’s therapy approach: People’s experiences and understanding of their adult life relationships are shaped by their infancy and early family environment. Early life experiences and models of relationships contribute, at least in part, to different emotional and relational concerns people experience later in life. Mirela’s approach tailors treatment to each patient, helps them develop a deeper understanding of their relational patterns, and assists them in changing those patterns. This approach is useful for people who wish to gain a deeper understanding of themselves in addition to those who aim to achieve better control of their symptoms.


Mirela provides a range of psychological assessment services including:

  1. Cognitive and Intellectual Assessments

  2. Academic and Scholastic Assessments

  3. Diagnostic Assessments

  4. Personality Assessments

Mirela is registered for Medicare and Private Health Fund rebates.

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